Mark Metten
FAR Florida


 New Home Construction:

Providing Home Owners the right mix of style and quality at the right price. Meeting and exceeding your every expectation!

I have worked with many builders directly over my years in the area, I will ensure you get the matched up with the builder who can custom design and construct your every desire and price point.  I walk potential customers through every stage of the planning process in order to create a complete set of home plans, building specifications and a firm bid. I am very knowledgeable with financing detail as well as specializing on lot purchases. Unlike other parts of the US, we are not bound by one style or common builder design and home characteristics. Each lot is individually owned and therefore your building choices are unlimited. Our architectural engineers and design teams are the owners of the company making your needs come to reality.  Search New Construction Homes
  • Many home designs include Flex Space that can be used for a variety of options.
  • Open flow-through layouts provide more elbow room for gathering family and friends.
  • Functional home designs provide more storage and room for your changing lifestyle.
  • A variety of floorplans to choose from that are designed for the way you live.
  • State-of-the-art, quality construction.


I have over 20+ yrs of custom home building experience and I am truly the expert you can count on for information! You may believe that going to a builder or community alone is better than with a Realtor and that you will fair better by doing so.  Well, ask yourself, would you go into an IRS audit without an accountant, or to court without an attorney? if you answered no? then, why would you risk maybe the largest investment you will ever make, without representation?  PLEASE READ THE TRUTHS AND MYTHS concerning New builder communities and the answers builders do not want you to KNOW!

The Myth is; the sales person at builder site will look out for you.......... The Truth is; they work for the builder and have Fiduciary obligations to them alone The Myth is; The Builder will be able to pass on a lower price or more options if no Realtor is being paid......The Truth is; the builder will not pass on the savings, They keep a separate fund to pay Realtors if one is present otherwise they keep it and  just increase their profit. The Truth is; they will at times incent realtors who bring buyers to them and we, share that with our buyers. ( Few Realtors will do this). Finally the Truth is; that whether you are buying a resale or new it is best to always have someone on your side, looking out for your interests. And why not, we are paid by them to, look out for you!  There are many more New Building communities that we can discuss when we talk or Ill be happy to send along some additional ones that will better serve your needs.

Should you have any other questions on this topic give me a call...for now enjoy your search and lets talk when you are ready!

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